Central Point Energy is already deep into in the process of expanding our operations. Two further licenses in the Atyrau Province and the Junggar Basin (Xinjiang Province) respectively, have been analyzed in detail by our Geological team in order to finalize more legal acquisitions in 2018/2019. News in that department could arrive as early as April 2018.

About us

Central Point Energy is an independent international oil and gas exploration, development and production company. The Group’s headquarters are located in Beijing, China, but its operations extend to the Atyrau Province in Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan and Xinjiang Province in mainland China. Central Point Energy business represents an integrated process chain covering activities from purchasing of high potential fields, up to exploration and production of oil and gas, with a developed marketing and transportation system. Thanks to its integrated nature the company’s business has a lot of opportunities to improve the quality of products and increase the efficiency. Central Point Energy operates with most innovative processes and reliable facilities to explore and produce crude oil and gas inland as well as offshore.

In 2015, Central Point Energy continued to be a key driver of growth in oil production and infrastructure development in Central Asia. The Company increased its combined proved plus probable (“2P”) reserves by 27.3%, with the latest license acquired in the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Province (Northwestern China), amounting to a net after royalties total to the company of 236.6 million barrels of oil equivalent (“mmboe”) as at December 31, 2015.

2016 was a year of major accomplishments on the operational front. The Company´s gross production grew 22%, reaching an average of 104,803 boe/d at the end of the year. The main contributing assets to our production increase were the beginning in production of the third platform in our licensed block on the Caspian Sea (Turkmenistan) and equipment improvement at our Atyrau Province (Kazakhstan) site.

Mission, Vison & Strategy


Central Point Energy´s mission is to become a recognized leader in the Central Asia oil and gas sector. We want to be a model corporate citizen, provide value for our shareholders, and ensure employees’ health and safety, as well as ecological safety for the environment. By constantly increasing the performance of company management and its operations, promoting leadership qualities, developing employee qualifications, we intend to fully realize growth potential using our shareholders’ advantages in technology, management, corporate culture and teamwork.


Central Point Energy aims to be among the leading independent E&P companies in Central Asia. The major strategic focus of the Company is sustainable growth. The Company is able to achieve this growth by combining the expertise and talents of its people with a high-quality portfolio of assets to support further sustainable, responsible and profitable creation of value. Always maintaining a high level of social and ecological responsibility and providing its clients with up-to-date services.


The Company aims to enhance shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration, and development of prospective oil and gas exploration assets and areas. The Company continues to analyze various projects to diversify its portfolio in central Asia.

The Company has high-quality production and exploration assets in prolific hydrocarbon basins. The Company aims to secure market access for its products and support future growth through participation in key oil and gas transportation and infrastructure assets.

Having a strong and diversified reserves base is a cornerstone for the Company’s future growth. The Company uses leading-edge technology to reduce exploration risk in areas where its knowledge and talents provide a competitive advantage. The Company will ensure that it continues to increase its reserves, through developing existing discoveries, making new discoveries, and acquiring new assets..