To ensure that our operations continue to have as little environmental effect as possible, Central Point Energy operates a system of continuous environmental monitoring in the territory of our operations.

This system gathers, systemizes and analyses information related to the sources and factors of impact, and the environmental condition as a whole. All components of the natural environment – atmospheric air, water and soils are monitored in order to ensure that TCO’s activity does not cause harm to the environment, nor to the health of our workforce or the population of the nearest communities (100 kilometers away).

In 2017, specific monitoring activities were carried out in our exploration areas in order to establish benchmarks which are/will be integrated into our environmental targets. These include the monitoring of surface water, soil and the control of pollutant emissions sources and sewage works.

Enviromental Monitoring

Our integrated environmental monitoring program is carried out by licensed contractors. The Industrial Control Program is reviewed and approved by several local and state agencies such as the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Atyrau Sanitary Epidemiological Station.