Governance, Investor's and Audit's


Central Point Energy places great significance on high standards of corporate governance as a means to emphasize the Company´s good business conduct and strong ethical culture. The Board recognizes its role in providing effective and clear leadership and direction on all matters relating to the business of the Company, and specifically on corporate governance.

Central Point Energy is committed to responsible corporate governance practices, transparency and corporate responsibility. The Corporate Governance Policy is the framework by which Company seeks to develop and foster an environment of integrity and compliance. It is the position of Central Point Energy that a corporate governance policy would be beneficial to shareholders and other stakeholders. This policy will be subject to an annual review, and will reflect changes as required by securities regulatory agencies or stock exchanges, or so as to meet industry standards.


Central Point Energy combines a shareholder focused approach with a strong commitment to delivering social and economic support in the communities within which we work. Our main objective is to create shareholder value by adhering to strict boardroom implemented corporate governance policies.

Audit Committee

The Board will appoint an audit committee with authority to engage independent counsel, to set and pay compensation for advisors and to communicate directly with internal and external auditors. External auditors will report directly to the audit committee. The audit committee will be composed of a minimum of three members, all of whom are independent directors of the Company and are financially literate.

The audit committee will be guided by its charter, which sets out, among other things, its primary responsibilities, composition, and rights.